Undead Jaws

I absolutely hate when people make plans to do something with you but then turn around and dont talk to you for a whole month and act like everything is okay. Hey you know I only helped you a whole shit ton. Oh yeah and you wouldnt be where you are today without me. Oh and hey just keep ignoring me, and when you finally realize I was helping you out more then your friends now, you will come back anf try to be my friend again. well im kinda of tried of this constant act. Im tried of being a good friend to people and trying to help them be a better person, then I get the shit end of the stick and they act like they did eveything by themselves. Gahhhh just so tried of this shit. Then im awake or can’t sleep because im worried I did something or there is even more problems with me then I already have.


i dont think i’ll ever stop reblogging this shit

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